Dr. Liam Delaney discusses Behavioural Economics

Dr. Liam Delaney discusses Behavioural Economics. http://www.ucd.ie/geary/aboutus/people/liamdelaney/ With thanks to Dr. Stephen Kinsella http://www.stephenkinsella.net/ and the University of Limerick for facilitating today’s session. The Chat: Peter Carney >> (All): (queue) Q: Irish data gathering and utilisation is poor; why do you think we are so far behind in this regard? is this a demand or a supply issue? Colm Harmon >> (All): sorry to be so blunt – fact remains that the data does actually exist in the administrative files of Government and some will to sort them out will transform things Rob Gillanders >> (All): Since Peter got the … Continue reading Dr. Liam Delaney discusses Behavioural Economics

Stephen Kinsella talks Economics

We’ve broken this recording into 3 parts at 20 minutes each. Author and University of Limerick lecturer Stephen Kinsella gives us his insight into Economics and the role of the economist in Irish Society. You can find his website at http://www.stephenkinsella.net and his latest book here http://www.libertiespress.com/ireland-in-2050.html The chat: Dermot Casey >> (All): Hi Guys, just want to listen in online >> (All): cool Dermot online >> (All): will you tweet it Dermot ? Dermot Casey >> (All): sure >> (All): This meeting is now being recorded. LorcanRK >> (All): Morning all, ahving camera probs, so will just keep be lurking.. … Continue reading Stephen Kinsella talks Economics

The role of economists in Irish public life

Tuesday 8th June at 10am “Let’s focus in this first debate on the role of economists in Irish public life. They are frowned upon, looked up to, looked down upon,cited, feted, ignored, championed, embraced, and, occasionally, they get listened to. Does the economics profession deserve its position in Irish public life? Should economists with poor track records be listened to at all? What about economic analysis? Should there be more of it in Irish public life, or are economists just apologists for the mainstream? ” More information on Stephen Kinsella https://irishdebate.wordpress.com/speakers/stephen-kinsella/ Stephen on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/stephenkinsella Stephens meeting room is located at: … Continue reading The role of economists in Irish public life