Professor Stephen Kinsella

Lecturer in Economics, Kemmy Business SchoolUniversity of Limerick.

Stephen Kinsella is a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Limerick. He is the author of Ireland in 2050: How we will be Living and Understanding Ireland’s Economic Crisis: Prospects for Recovery. His research spans the area of computable economics, health economics, and experimental economics. He currently supervises 3 Ph.D students, Dominic Trepel, Gerald O’Nolan, and Saed Khalil.

Stephens up and coming discussions will include:

  • Ireland and Climate Change: Just what is being done? What could be done?
  • Education in Ireland? Is there a need for reform? Are there
  • constructive solutions we can offer?
  • The Irish Startup. What does it look like? Where will it go?
  • The economy as a complex system. What to do when you can’t predict anything.
  • NAMA 2.0: Will it ever happen? What are the consequences if not?

Dates to be announced.

Stephen on Twitter:

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Stephens Website is locate at:

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