Professor Fionn Murtagh

Fionn Murtagh is an Engineer and Mathematician with degrees from Ireland and France. Longest work assignment was in Bavaria in the space sector. Currently President of the Classification Society, and member of the executive of the UK Computing Research Council. Member of the Royal Irish Academy and Fellow of the International Association for Pattern Recognition. Professor of Computer Science in the University of London. Director at Science Foundation Ireland with responsibility for ICT (Information & Communications Technologies) and sustainable energy.

On Twitter: @fionnmurtagh

More on Professor Murtagh’s blog.

One thought on “Professor Fionn Murtagh

  1. Professor Murtagh: What is your view on wind energy and do you see Ireland up among the best in the next number of years. In your opinion Professor can you see with global warming a need to re-invent ourselves in relation to the serious problems we have had with flooding ie Clonmel, Tipperary and Cork just 3 years ago. You will also recall farmlands in Galway literally under water and peoples’ livelihoods taken away from them with a blink of an eye. There must be and the question I put to you again is: Is there some form of gathering that should take place to resolve our issues in the coming years which will have drastic effects on this Island if we don’t have some plan of prevention?

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