Ronan Lyons

Scheduling:  Up and coming discussions on Wednesday nights, at 8pm GMT with Ronan Lyons.

  • October       6th: Latest from the property market
  • October    20th: Reforming Ireland’s tax system
  • November  3rd: Ireland’s Unemployment crisis
  • November 17th: Signs from the rental market
  • December    1st: Reforming the public service

Previous discussions with Ronan Lyons can be found here.

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Ronan is an independent economist with experience in public policy, national competitiveness, property markets and economic development. He has spoken on these topics widely, both in the Irish and international media and at conferences at home and abroad. Through his roles at the IBM Global Centre for Economic Development,, Forfas and Ireland’s National Competitiveness Council, he has developed a track record of trustworthy, accessible and relevant research.

on Twitter @ronanlyons

His website is at

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online meetings made easy

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