Southern Europe – Why it is like Ireland and why it is not.

Our recording from today’s discussion. Many thanks to Professor Joe Haslam for taking the time. *Tip: Try the HD version. Joe haslam: 1. Ireland is small open economy v Spain a large closed  economy Joe haslam: 2. I live in Madrid and although I travel to other places, Madrid is not Spain. Joe haslam: 3. I look more at qualitative trends than quantitative ones. Joe haslam: 4. Who I work most closely with is people trying to start a business Joe haslam: 5. Civil Service is good, but regional administration and politicians less so. Joe haslam: 6. Spain not very open … Continue reading Southern Europe – Why it is like Ireland and why it is not.

Peoples Economy Stephen Kinsella Day 2

Please visit with for more details. Questions Asked. One question I have for the list, where can we get the biggest bang for our buck in terms of stimulating employment? – through tax credits for businesses or subsidies such as grants, etc Nollaig >> (All): What is the level of skillsets in management at Irish SME’s verses Multinationals Should there be compulsory training/certifcate for owner/mangers of Irish SME’s eg leansystems like 6 sigma john doyle >> (All): what is your opinion on lowering rates for business by local governments. Can it be done and what are the problems you … Continue reading Peoples Economy Stephen Kinsella Day 2

Has Ireland lost its Mojo?

When: 4pm this Saturday February 5th. What you need to attend: Broadband, Earbuds or a headset and webcam. Where: Hosted by Frank Hanningan and Ron Immink. Frank Hannigan has a 25 year track record of leadership, building and scaling successful businesses in the ICT sector. Having moved from a successful career in Traditional Media over a dozen years ago, he has played key leadership roles within Ireland On-Line, Digiserve, EBRD, WeddingsOnline, Razor, and most recently Frank is a Business Graduate of Trinity College Dublin. More> Ron is a serial entrepreneur. He has started several, grown a few and … Continue reading Has Ireland lost its Mojo?

Rebuilding Ireland as a Knowledge Society

When: 3pm this Thursday December 16th. The core argument I’d like to make is that we cannot expect a knowledge and innovation-based economy to grow from a society which is still largely based around a secretive “wink & nod” culture. Cathal Furey (@cathalfurey) holds a BSc in Finance, Computing & Enterprise and an MA in International Relations. He currently lectures part-time in Dublin City University in Multimedia & Business and makes video content with @ptense (Present Tense Productions). Cathal recently won a 2010 Irish Web Award in the Best Guerilla Social Media Campaign category for the “Call for a General … Continue reading Rebuilding Ireland as a Knowledge Society

Ireland’s competitiveness debate

With thanks to @ronanlyons @stephenkinsella and @karldeeter and everyone that attended. The chat and commentary. Stephen Kinsella >> (All): Afternoon all. karl deeter >> (All): hi SK! Stephen Kinsella >> (All): (Can someone sort out my video? Joe?) Stephen Kinsella >> (All): 🙂 karl deeter >> (All): @stephen Kinsella: your vid was fine? could see ya anyway Stephen Kinsella >> (All): What about the Forfas Pyriamid of power Ronan? karl deeter >> (All): mjm: that’s a micro reason why i’ll be investing in specsavers! 🙂 Stephen Kinsella >> (All): But is that just doing something *right*, or just simple demand … Continue reading Ireland’s competitiveness debate

The New Polymath is an enterprise comfortable with multiple technologies

You can read more about The New Polymath ©2010 All Rights Reserved.The New Polymathby Vinnie Mirchandani Continue reading The New Polymath is an enterprise comfortable with multiple technologies