Southern Europe – Why it is like Ireland and why it is not.

Our recording from today’s discussion. Many thanks to Professor Joe Haslam for taking the time.
*Tip: Try the HD version.
Joe haslam: 1. Ireland is small open economy v Spain a large closed 
Joe haslam: 2. I live in Madrid and although I travel to other
places, Madrid is not Spain.
Joe haslam: 3. I look more at qualitative trends than quantitative
Joe haslam: 4. Who I work most closely with is people trying to start
a business
Joe haslam: 5. Civil Service is good, but regional administration and
politicians less so.
Joe haslam: 6. Spain not very open to the world, dont travel much or
speak English
Joe haslam: 7. "Indignados" is a genuine movement. The Spanish like
to protest as they were denied too long. apolitical young people of
the type who have long believed conformity was best strategy for
getting by have become politically assertive
Joe haslam: 8. Health, education and Transport are very good.
Ireland has let these slip.
Joe haslam: 9. Culture of engineer To say your son/daughter is
Engineer is like saying is Ireland that he/she is a lawyer or doctor
Joe haslam: 10. Culture of Home ownership changed completely
Joe haslam: 11. spains economic model is The policy of mass-market
tourism from northern Europe and an expansion of private
home-ownership which had begun in the 1950s has continued right up
to the present day
Joe haslam: 12. Telefonica, Repsol even though private, are like
Semi States. The boards change after elections"you dont know where
the Energy Ministry ends and Repsol begins"
Joe haslam: 13. Crowding out is a big problem ... government
intervention. Creaes too few big firms.
Joe haslam: 14. Medium term I´m very hopeful ... Women into
workplace, young people now with english and outside influences
Joe haslam: 15. Strong links with Ireland ... 50,000 every summer.
Ian Murphy: Any work in wave energy as you have Atlantic coastline
like Ireland?
Ian Murphy: Financials (in terms of public reaction); What is the
view of the populous to massive government debt & attitudes to
difficulties of peripheral eurozone countries.
Ian Murphy: And has the property market suffered recently?  Have
Spaniards invested in the asset class or is it Just domestic
You can join us on Thursday 14th July at 12.00 here
Our speaker this Thursday is Joe Haslam, native of Limerick and graduate of UCC.
Joe is an Adjunct Professor at the IE Business School, which is ranked by the FT as the 7th best MBA in the world.
His interests are in the area of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and in particular Disruptive Technology Startups.
Joe Haslam
Joe Haslam
The Economic model of Spain is largely unchanged since the 1950s.
Mass-market tourism from Northern Europe and an expansion of private home-ownership has been the basis of the country Economic Growth through from Dictatorship to Democracy to EU Accession.
It is clear however that this model has to change. It does not produce enough big firms and therefore not enough jobs.
Spains Youth Unemployment rate is over 40% and a movement known as the “indignados” has sprung up to get answers to why their future seems less bright than that of their parents.
Topics to be covered include:
– Spain´s Property Bubble and Banking Difficulties
– Economic Parallels with the other PIIGS countries
– Should we support the “indignados” or are they just whingers
Joe has been interviewed by The Irish Times, Morning Ireland (RTE), the Wall Street Journal and La Razon.
Join him at 12h (Ireland) on webcast from Madrid.

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