Dan Boyle Answers

Dan Boyle addressing his constituent concerns through technology. Part 1.

Recorded Feb 9th 2011.

The Chat:

Brendan OSullivan >> (All): Do you think the next government will address any of the legislation that you were hoping to get passed before the dissolution ?

John McLean >> (All): Dear Sen. Boyle,Read about this forum on the evening Echo today; I am an infrequent voter and would be normally drawn towards FG. This time around I was not going to vote at all due to the “you are all the same” disease that applies to many of us.However I read your full page letter ‘Judge of the Nations’ in the Cork News a few weeks ago and realised just how much the greens have achieved in 3 years of government.As I live in Ballincollig I cannot vote for you; I will give the young lad Collins a vote this time.My question:What is your feeling when you hear Eamon Gilmore (leader’s debate, last night) talking about the positives of retro fitting insulation to save on energy, given that a short few years ago he would be smirking and mocking the Greens for speaking on such matters?John McLean.

John McLean >> (All): What are your views on the defferment of the 10 billion euro to AIB and BoI (John McLean)

John McLean >> (All): Will John Gormley and Eamon Ryan take the 90k goodbye money after resigning their ministeries?

John McLean >> (All): If they lose their seats they should keep it, they deserve it for a job well done

John McLean >> (All): The cap on pensions is very welcome Dan, well done for bringing it up.

stephen  >> (All): dan where do you stand on public sector workers and will the greens honour the croke park agreement

stephen  >> (All): dan where do you stand on public sector workers and will the greens honour the croke park agreement

john >> (All): dan what is the difference between any of the politicans???

stephen  >> (All): it feels that for me as a low paid public sector worker i have to concede a lot for less pay with tax cuts for the sake of no voluntary redundacies

Brendan OSullivan >> (All): Having worked in the Seanad, what would you say needs to be reformed about it ?

stephen  >> (All): do the greens regret going into government do you think that it will do long term damage to ye

stephen  >> (All): realisticly how many seats for the greens

John McLean >> (All): What are your feelings on ‘celebrity’ candidates standing in the election; does an Inter County GAA medal qualify one to be a Dail TD?

john >> (All): what do the greens have to offer anyone in cork south central?

stephen  >> (All): any regrets with your use of twitter

john >> (All): do you not believe the greens input into the government was a disgrace and FF bullied ye into agreeing to the bail out?

stephen  >> (All): where do you stand on water metering and do you think it will work and when do you see it being implemented

john >> (All): do you fear sinn fein will grow in the next dail? do you fear a left government will be bad for ireland

stephen  >> (All): can you call s c and what seat are u fighting for

John McLean >> (All): Accepting that the financial mess we are in now goes back to a time before you went into government; do you think we can get out of this mess within 20 years, if so how?

simon buggy >> (All): the fix is very late in the day the fix should have started in 2008 and fixing the lack of money within this country. . should their be a cut in the numbers of TD’s seat’s…

john >> (All): i am from a farming background and fear the greens are trying to wipe out countrey sports. for example greyhound coursing?what is your stance on this matter

john >> (All): are you afraid of calling to the doors? deirdre cluan of FG has attacked you on the echo tonight about this web cast

stephen  >> (All): dont you agree tha tparliament is now dated and the idea of m martin bringing experts in to ministerial positions is a good one i mean what do lawers know about finance and so on
simon buggy (All): the law in ireland say that it is illegal to have a sexual relationship with a person who has an intellectual disability and cannot live without supports this is not the case with in united nations convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.

john >> (All): do you think the greens are finsihed

john >> (All): what is your stance on the seanad? should they abolish the seanad

stephen  >> (All): do you agree that the likes of the jackie healy ray style polotics has no place in national polotics because he is just a local polotician with a national voice ie holding the country to ransom

john >> (All): i like this way of communicating on the net < thanks John!

simon buggy >> (All): do you think NAMA will work?, and how much money will it cost over the life of the bad loans within NAMA

john >> (All): do you regret twittering about willy o dea? you brought down a good man by your comment. i voted greens last time by the way

simon buggy >> (All): do you think the banking system needs to be re-invented

Brendan OSullivan >> (All): What does the Green Party think about universal health insurance ?simon buggy >> (All): water metering? will this mean cheaper rates

simon buggy >> (All): universal health insurance what the cost and the time to rollout time and who will pay.

john >> (All): how will the greens and FF governemtns b remembered in the history books? do you think the greens will be know as FF little puppy

John V >> (All): Do you think it was a missed oppertunity not getting the climate change bill through before the dissoltion of the Dail and do you think that If it was attempted to be put through earlier in the life of the dail would it have recieved FF support ?

simon buggy >> (All): surely the co2 tax should be charage to the companys that projuiced the fuel in the first place.

John McLean >> (All): In the local elections in 2009 one of your candidates in Cork said he would work in city hall for nothing, another candidate in Cork said he would work for a 50% rate. Neither was elected to Cork City Council.Do ye need to reinvent yourselves in some way to get elected? (source, Evening Echo)

johnod >> (All): wouild welcome your views on the party leaders rather than the parties?

Brendan OSullivan >> (All): Would you be interested in running for leadership of the Green Party if and when a vacancy arises?rob curtin >> (All): hi everyone

simon buggy >> (All): renewables: bio fuels what do you think about growning your own fuels from the land that is set a side by farmer and would be a national plan to reduce your inports of fuels….

Leonard >> (All): What sort of reception are you getting on the doorsteps during your canvassing? Please try not to give the stock answer of most politicians, ie “it’s going very well blah blah blah”.

rob curtin >> (All): hi dan. do you believe brian cowan has total lack of trust now for the greeens?

rob curtin >> (All): how come we have not seen you up in boardale if you are on the doors? i would gladly like to meet you in person and discuss these matters

simon buggy >> (All): how about the reducing the numbers of county council members and cut the HSE managers.

paul >> (All): hi Dan do you think going into power with FF has damaged your party to the point where you’ll lose alot of supporters this time around?

johnod >> (All): were you expecting bigger no’s onthis means of comms tonight? Dissappointed?

simon buggy >> (All): would you agree your only human and misstakes were your part got into bed with the wrong part

John V >> (All): Is there a point having 166 TDs with the party whip system, how can each TD have more input into the running of the country

John McLean >> (All): I am a full time taxi driver, the industry is suffering, what are the Greens view on the taxi regulator?

John McLean >> (All): I am a full time taxi driver, the industry is suffering, what are the Greens view on the taxi regulator? rob curtin >> (All): the taxi dirviers are always complaining

Brendan OSullivan >> (All): Do you think Ireland will head back towards GM crops – in light of Brendan Smith’s statement yesterday regarding EU proposals.

Michael >> (All): Hi Dan. The elecrtic light bulb that your party banned is the most efficient invention know to man and you know uses very very little electicity, a pointless PR excerise by the Green movement

Leonard >> (All): I heard a political commentator saying that the Greens are now irrelevant as far as this election is concerned, given that your poll ratings are so low. What do you think of this?

rob curtin >> (All): good thing greens brought in was the grant for the insulation

rob curtin >> (All): what is your opinion about vincent brown? he accused you of lieing were you? and if so why

simon buggy >> (All): so was working for state harder than working glass recycling??

Thomas >> (All): Hi Dan. Given the fall in the opinion polls, how many seats would the Greens see as a good achievement in this election? Is it a case of damage limitation? Which seats are the party most confident about . . .

john >> (All): hi dan what chances have you of being elected

John V >> (All): In relation to poll ratings you are in 6th position in Cork SC according to boards.ie poll

stephen  >> (All): do you see the greens surviving or could they go the same way as so many other small parties before

Tim >> (All): Why did the the green Party support USO charge..
john >> (All): vincent browne told eamonn ryan exactly what country thinks of you and your party

johnod >> (All): fair play to you. I love to see people / parties with novel ideas and tonight’s chat is to be lauded.

stephen  >> (All): dan you skipped john mcleans q about the taxi regulatorrob curtin >> (All): well done dan on the twittering however i do regret you twittering so much

John McLean >> (All): I found this form of communication very useful, thank you.Alan >> (All): Good responses Dan. Enjoyed it.

rob curtin >> (All): dan do you think bertie and the greens will go down in history as one of the owrst govenment ever in ireland

John McLean >> (All): I am a full time taxi driver, the industry is suffering, what are the Greens view on the taxi regulator?

Leonard >> (All): Do you support more cuts to social welfare?

Michael >> (All): Dan, Do think Gerry Adams will get elected?.Who wants Sinn Fein in power, can you imagine them with the keys to the Dail!

paul >> (All): What is your opinion on the future of how we teach Irish language in school? Would your party keep it mandatory?

joe >> (All): 6 minutes to go folks unless you want to continue Dan ?

rob curtin >> (All): continue dan please

rob curtin >> (All): it is too important to cut the chat short now

simon buggy >> (All): was working for the state harder than working in glass recycling

stephen  >> (All): vincent is on at 11.05 he will have to get home in time or we could stay here and harang dan

Cian >> (All): Dear Mr. Boyle. When will adequite youth facilities be provided for young people in Douglas?? A Youth club has been promised for the last 4 years yet still no action!!

Malachy Harty >> (All): Great webinar Dan – I really enjoyed it.

Brendan OSullivan >> (All): Having read Shane Ross and Nick Webb’s Wasters, the Quangos in Ireland have been a major drain on our resources as well as a big area for political patronage. Is there ever a hope of real reform of things like Fas etc.

Tim >> (All): Re USO Charge Dan….. we were just after getting approval for a mortage .. but now we find ourselves down nearly 400 a month…. thanks Dan .. Mortage has to be put on hold for another 10 yrs.. thanks to you guys..and fianna fail…simon buggy >> (All): will you be at the rehabcare service next weekrob curtin >> (All): one good thing about the greens is you tried to clean up the corruption in politcis

Thomas >> (All): Yes, the Greens took six seats in 2002 from less than 4% of the popular vote so there could be some surprises. Do you think you are getting your message across on the doorsteps? Is there an appetite for what the Green Party are trying to put across? What are the main messages the party have this time around?

john >> (All): i mighy vote for you not your party

Ossian Smyth >> (All): Thanks Dan, enjoying this chat

John McLean >> (All): Thank you, great discussion.(Need to sign off now)

joe >> (All): Time up… would you like to continue Dan ?

rob curtin >> (All): dan i enjoyed your chat however i am still an undecided voter and you have not helped this tonight. only thing certain is not voting SF

rob curtin >> (All): however you have made some good pointssimon buggy >> (All): THANKS DAN: SIMON

john >> (All): dan go alone your better off

Tim >> (All): Thanks for answering my Questions Dan… .. i am still undecided…

simon buggy >> (All): THANKS

stephen  >> (All): thanks for the webinar really enjoyed it when is the next one

Brendan OSullivan >> (All): Thanks for your time Dan

mark >> (All): thanks dan

joe >> (All): ok we’re done..

johnod >> (All): thanksjoe >> (All): thanks Dan

joe >> (All): people still logging in>>

Michael >> (All): Thank you Dan, All the best in your campaign from down here in Youghal

paul >> (All): Thanks Dan great form of communication and quite brave to do this see you next week

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