Calling the Bottom

“Calling the Bottom” with Cathal Furey.

I’ll be arguing that with the end of this govt finally in sight, we can get to work turning Ireland around. #ge11

When: 12pm this Saturday January 22nd.

What you need to attend: Broadband, Earbuds or a headset and webcam.


Cathal Furey
Cathal Furey

Cathal Furey (@cathalfurey) holds a BSc in Finance, Computing &
Enterprise and an MA in International Relations. He currently lectures
part-time in Dublin City University in Multimedia & Business and makes
video content with @ptense (Present Tense Productions). Cathal
recently won a 2010 Irish Web Award in the Best Guerilla Social Media
Campaign category for the “Call for a General Election” non-party
campaign he set up in March 2010. The campaign’s Facebook page
currently has over 10,000 fans and has received wide national and
regional media coverage.

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