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brian lucey >> (All): hey KD
LorcanRK >> (All): this is turning into a right likely bunch..
brian lucey >> (All): bond spreads at 319 🙂
karl deeter >> (All): likely bunch of what is the question!
LorcanRK >> (All): Karl, you have the right man here to sort out the Malthus/Potash debate..
brian lucey >> (All): wtf?
karl deeter >> (All): I was saying how in July I was looking at potash, on the basis of world food demand and that agflation would be back, then they became takeover target (i missed the boat big time) lorcan is referring to that
brian lucey >> (All): greetings arthur
>> (All): This meeting is now being recorded.
Cass Flower >> (All): Hi everyone
LorcanRK >> (All): Hi dan, do you ever feel tempted to keep your head down a bit more? You seem to end up front and centre a lot..
brian lucey >> (All): when convenient, a question
brian lucey >> (All): bond spreads at 319 – a record- surely this shows that the international markets are no way as sanguine as govt would like us to believe. Its also not down to the bund falling.
brian lucey >> (All): fair dues to DB tho for turning up….
brian lucey >> (All): indeed
Cass Flower >> (All): Hi!  Thanks for doing this.  Why does Dan think that the Green Party is coming under pressure from the Press at the moment. ?
karl deeter >> (All): Dan: Why do the greens support the PSO for people who burn peat? Peat bogs are carbon fixers, that reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, so we then go and pay people to dig them up and set em’ on fire. why is that?
Darragh >> (All): Did teh Greens ask for details of FF loans from NAMA banks before voting on NAMA?
Cass Flower >> (All): Do you believe in By-Elections ?
brian lucey >> (All): back to NAMA. of course….Namawinelake points out that the observed actions of nama now re its payments are very different o theat plan given to the EU, leading to a danger that it may be rejected. thoughts?
Cass Flower >> (All): Did the Greens ask for details of any politicians loans from anglo irish bank before the Guarantee ?
brian lucey >> (All): i suspect onlu AA was PRO nama. true?
brian lucey >> (All): every indep analyst says 33+b losses
brian lucey >> (All): names?
brian lucey >> (All): who else was pro nama?
Darragh >> (All): Do you have an estimate of how many GP “members” are in fact Fianna Fail plants?
brian lucey >> (All): anglo loses 33b = MLRA losses to central bank….thoughts
brian lucey >> (All): sure they are all veggies, in popiular lore 🙂
Ronan >> (All): What are the Greens real achivements in power??
karl deeter >> (All): Senators were behind keeping Anglo open (Fiona O’Malley was anyway – have mp3clip supporting this), how does a coalition work when there are such ideological divides?
ken Curtin >> (All): what are you and minister gormley going to do to address the toxic dump in haulbowline ?
barra >> (All): Will Irish Winter damage house values if left empty, will this effect NAMA loss further
Ray O Connor >> (All): The PSO levy does not take into account polluter pays principle  why when the CER has to follow Gov policy ?
Eoin Donnelan >> (All): Producing a leaflet is an achievement?
LorcanRK >> (All): Following on from Karl’s question re peat, can you explain Eamonn Ryan’s decision to ban Uranium exploration in Ireland?
brian lucey >> (All): back to teh master loan repurchase agreement of 11.5b loan from central bank to anglo. is this now underwater, and if so does anyone have a clue what the effect is if we have a massive loss for a central bank?
David Higgins >> (All): Will the Greens scrap motor tax and put all taxes on petrol and diesel instead?
brian lucey >> (All): two fingers? 🙂
brian lucey >> (All): mlra ad the central bank?
Darragh >> (All): What is teh Green party position on Coillte being privatised? As a Bertie Ahern appointee to the Seanad, do you feel compromised by his part-time job as a Director of a forestry company?
brian lucey >> (All): lets all give him 5 to catch up
barra >> (All): If ghost estates are left empt after a few Irish Winters, dampness will effect NAMA investment, do you Dan have a view on this or possible solutions
brian lucey >> (All): bonds now at 320 and rising….
brian lucey >> (All): MLRA and the centra bank
barra >> (All): Ghost estates and dampnessQ
David Higgins >> (All): scrap motor tax and put all taxes on petrol instead???
brian lucey >> (All): what if the cb is facing a loss of 5b?
Ronan >> (All): Please explain the 5% levie on power bills which appear to have come from the Greens
barra >> (All): if ghost estatesleft empty damaged by dampness, any solutions
Cass Flower >> (All): What are your views about the Government fighting a legal case to resist having a By Election?
Darragh >> (All): Should Coillte be privatised?
Cass Flower >> (All): If you were called to the Court in October to give evidence on the By Election case, what would you say?
LorcanRK >> (All): Brian’s asking about the Central bank masterloan repurchase agreement, a cushty agreement were the CB gave a bung to keep Anglo afloat. Any chance of getting that money back, or will be be bailin gout the Central bank too??
David Higgins >> (All): It doesn’t matter how many seats they have!!! Democracy is Democracy!!!!!!
barra >> (All): what about giving away our Gas supply to shell
karl deeter >> (All): Master Loan Repurchase Agreement: What are your views given that the Central Bank stand to lose big money?
barra >> (All): naturalresourse of gas
brian lucey >> (All): 11.5b that was given to anglo…any comment at all?
brian lucey >> (All): now tht its underwater that is…
Darragh >> (All): Do you think semi-State CEO’s, and RTE “Stars” are overpaid? Does teh government anticipate any reductions?
David Higgins >> (All): And now there’s 3 delayed by the GREENS!!
barra >> (All): Any comment on giving our national gas to a multinational company
Ray O Connor >> (All): Why is the Energy regulator proposing to nationalise the losses of energy companies just like the central bank did for the banks, have we not learned our lessons?
Darragh >> (All): Brian Lucey is repeatedly asking a good question!
barra >> (All): corrib gas yes
brian lucey >> (All): dan, there are 5-7 q’s on one issue – you wont answer. why?
brian lucey >> (All): not just me
barra >> (All): not the royalities
brian lucey >> (All): why?
brian lucey >> (All): also lorcan and karl
brian lucey >> (All): same question
Darragh >> (All): Brian’s asking about the Central bank masterloan repurchase agreement, a cushty agreement were the CB gave a bung to keep Anglo afloat. Any chance of getting that money back, or will be be bailin gout the Central bank too??
ken Curtin >> (All): how do you think Chris O Leary – former green cllr defecting to SF will effect CSC next time out ?
Cass Flower >> (All): Do you not recognise that the situation has changed totally since the last General Election and the current Government has no mandate for  what its doing now?
karl deeter >> (All): Dan you are doing a good job on this session, please prioritise the Central Bank Master Loan Repurchase Agreement question. Lots of us viewing are interested in that one
barra >> (All): 2nd lowest in the world royalities
Darragh >> (All): Brian’s asking about the Central bank masterloan repurchase agreement, a cushty agreement were the CB gave a bung to keep Anglo afloat. Any chance of getting that money back, or will be be bailin gout the Central bank too??
Cass Flower >> (All): What are your views on Fis Nua and the Donegal Greens ?
brian lucey >> (All): Darragh Lorcan and Karl have asked a question that I have asked thats about the cb.
Cass Flower >> (All): Is it an internal question if they have left the Greens ?
Ronan >> (All): The public are facing hikes of 4%-5% in their electricity bills in a time of recession WHY??
barra >> (All): National cycling stategy, progress? School training to increase cycling?
Darragh >> (All): whydid you, Dan Boyle, tell the GP membership that Nama was a ‘finance’ (money) bill and the govt would fall if it didn’t go through, when it clearly wasn’t a money bill
brian lucey >> (All): so no answer on the possibility of hte central bank losing billions on a loan to anglo ?
brian lucey >> (All): do you not have a view?
brian lucey >> (All): MLRA
brian lucey >> (All): your the finance spokesperson.
Arthur Doohan >> (All): Dan, In light of SIPO call for Dail Register of Members Interests being extended to include the liabilities attaching to the declared interests and NAMA employees having to make full disclosure – are the Greens going to make a stand on this in the Dail??
David Higgins >> (All): Would you favour scrapping motor taxes and putting all taxes on petrol and diesel instead. Pay as you go???
brian lucey >> (All): thats not the question dan.
Cass Flower >> (All): Are you happy with the overall performance of the Government with regard to unemployment ?
LorcanRK >> (All): we’re winding down Anglo? Good to hear..
Ray O Connor >> (All): we have high energy prices because the CER is making quare decisions?
brian lucey >> (All): they have extended 11.5b. they cant get it back. you dodged the question of whehter this is a good idea or not.
Ronan >> (All): The public are facing hikes of 4%-5% in their electricity bills in a time of recession WHY??
Fiona de Londras >> (All): On the programme for government, when will the children’s rights referendum be held and on what basis is being delayed?
brian lucey >> (All): we face a central bank which loaned to the bust bank. now it cant get it back…ok, clealryly you dont have a view
Ed >> (All): Brian, Ronan – I think it’s best if we only ask the same question once, rather than five times a minute.
brian lucey >> (All): if hed answer
Darragh >> (All): What is teh government plan if Brian Lenihan’s health deteriorates and he is no longer able to perform his role as MoF?
barra >> (All): where are the lisbon jobs promised, or was it spin?
Ray O Connor >> (All): High energy prices because the regulator is suffering from regulatory capture?
Fiona de Londras >> (All): Is the GP allowing the government to delay on children’s rights in order to delay by-elections? If so, will GP subject to moral pressure though?
Fiona de Londras >> (All): (Thanks for the answer!)
online >> (All): david higgins leave your audio off or get earbuds if you want to speak
barra >> (All): Progress on smarter transport policy?
brian lucey >> (All): dan : why is eamonn ryan plugging mobile solutions to thenet when OECD dont classify it as broadband.
karl deeter >> (All): Why have Revenue not been drafted in regarding Callely? They would be for anybody else if there were doubts around expenses claims, otherwise the expenses are a form of tax free income. Will revenue be brought into this?
brian lucey >> (All): yep
Darragh >> (All): If FF and/or the Green Party were favourites to win all by-elections, would there be a delay?
ken Curtin >> (All): given you have transformed into a party of government, will you updating A Journey to Change with a few new chapters to reflect recent developments by the party ?
Ray O Connor >> (All): Why can’t the CER be held accountable to the Ombudsman?
brian lucey >> (All): 25b to anglo could have gotten it to all
LorcanRK >> (All): Following on from Karl’s question re peat, can you explain Eamonn Ryan’s decision to ban Uranium exploration in Ireland?
Fiona de Londras >> (All): Karl–I don’t think gov can direct Revenue or Garda to investigate anything They’re independent
Ronan >> (All): why don’t the dail have recipted expenses like everybody else??
Darragh >> (All): No branch of the State is independent from government influence Fiona
brian lucey >> (All): +1
barra >> (All): Smarter transport policy, progress on cycling infastructure
karl deeter >> (All): @Fiona de Londras then why did one councillor make a garda complaint? If there are doubts around taxes how does office or stature even come into it?
brian lucey >> (All): whats this re uranium? can i not look for it inmy garden?
TTC >> (All): CER accountable to Ombudsman? Isn’t it like applying a plaster to a shark bite, given the structure of the market?
brian lucey >> (All): is it illegal to look for it or ?
Cass Flower >> (All): TAKE A  BREATHER _DAN 🙂
brian lucey >> (All): uranium ban. asked a few times
David Higgins >> (All): Why do the Greens want to stop free families driving in vehicles they purchased with their hard earned money???
brian lucey >> (All): lorcan mainly
LorcanRK >> (All): Eamonn ryan says you can’t, was just wondering why
Fiona de Londras >> (All): A councillor can make a complaint as an independent person; diff to directing investigation. But anyway…let’s let Dan take a breath and answer the Qs! 😉
TTC >> (All): No t a comment – what meaningful reform of the energy market does GP have in mind?
brian lucey >> (All): so if we found a load of uranium it would be ok?
Ray O Connor >> (All): The CER has banned me from making a submission to consultations how can this be permitted?
TTC >> (All): Not subsidies/alternatives, but actually bringing more competitive generation & distribution in?
LorcanRK >> (All): Ideological grounds only.. There can be not economic expoectation if you don;t allow exploration Dan
Cass Flower >> (All): Is the Green Party satisfied with the Government’s performance on employment/unemployment ?
brian lucey >> (All): back to transport. still no integrated tickets. why not buy the oyster system
brian lucey >> (All): thorium….
TTC >> (All): Thorium, Dan?
Eoin Donnelan >> (All): Did you, Dan, tell Senator Ronan Mullens that if he’s playing his cards right, “he’d get a house out of it” (the expenses)?
brian lucey >> (All): TTC beat ya to it
LorcanRK >> (All): We have 100 years supply already..
LorcanRK >> (All): (of uranium)
brian lucey >> (All): smart cards…
Darragh >> (All): Do the Green Party have difficulty with Bertie Ahern being in government, and maximising his expenses, given his failure to produce a Tax Clearence Cert?
karl deeter >> (All): this is a great session, but one idea might be to have a token ring on questions?
TTC >> (All): Eventually, Dan, the Earth will run out of time – solar system has bounded life span
brian lucey >> (All): ?
brian lucey >> (All): token ring?
barra >> (All): cycling infasturcture progress, smarter transport policy
TTC >> (All): Everyting is ‘limited in supply’, including wind
David Higgins >> (All): Why do the Greens want to punish people for driving their families around in certain vehicles? A Very authoritarian move I think!
karl deeter >> (All): @BrianLucey: each person gets to ask a question in turn, that way Dan will be able to answer each question and not pick them out from the list
TTC >> (All): That’s a nature of economics… scarce resources allocation
brian lucey >> (All): good
David Higgins >> (All): will you change those regulations???
TTC >> (All): Existent regulation? 900 tax?
brian lucey >> (All): smart cards
Darragh >> (All): Do the Green Party have difficulty with Bertie Ahern being in tha Dail, and maximising his expenses, given his failure to produce a Tax Clearence Cert?
TTC >> (All): What’s the point of having Government if it can’t change existent regulations?
McCutcheon >> (All): @karldeeter, that token ring suggestion is good actually. Directs the issue a little.
Fiona de Londras >> (All): Dan–any views on the NI POlice Ombudsman’s report today? Was priest moved to Ireland because it was felt Ire would never extradite to NI on terrorism charges? Will Gov take any responsibility (on behalf of the State) if this is the case?
brian lucey >> (All): why dont we get the oyster system, simple and works. instead we have had 22m wasted and years of faffing about…
TTC >> (All): How about your party publicly ostracising those in the Dail who clearly breach public trust?
barra >> (All): Progress onpromoting cycling
Cass Flower >> (All): What are your views about people being de-energised ?
Ronan >> (All): Again……..why can’t members of the the dail / Seanad have receipted expenses just like everybody else???
brian lucey >> (All): why do td/senators get paid to come to work i dont
barra >> (All): Progress promoting cycling , particularly infastructure
brian lucey >> (All): no expenses for travel to dublin….
TTC >> (All): Dan, isn’t current system of expenses basically sets Members of the Dail as 1st class citizens with regard to taxation?
brian lucey >> (All): i get a salary.
brian lucey >> (All): no i wouldnt
brian lucey >> (All): my job is in dublin
TTC >> (All): No PRSI employee can claim expenses on commute!
brian lucey >> (All): not kerry
McCutcheon >> (All): odometer verification re expenses
brian lucey >> (All): pay more, ok
Cass Flower >> (All): Is the Green Party satisfied with the Government’s performance on employment/unemployment?
Darragh >> (All): Bertie Ahern gets 12,000 a year in travel expenses he does not incur. How is this acceptable?
brian lucey >> (All): no exepes
brian lucey >> (All): loreal…cos hes worth it
Declan >> (All): If you are appointed to the Senate by the Taoiseach what is your constituency?
brian lucey >> (All): deflation is actually worse than inflation…
TTC >> (All): Again, let’s get back to the privilege – why members of the Dail are allowed to claim expenses no other employee in the country can claim?
brian lucey >> (All): L’orelal….cos theyre worth it.
Cass Flower >> (All): Which decisions taken now will help end unemployment?
Declan >> (All): Was the Callely situation made worse by him being appointed and then being able to claim he lived in Cork
Ronan >> (All): Why the extra 5% levie on top of electricity during a recession. This is just more Green tax nonsence
TTC >> (All): Why is GP tolerating a privileged system that gives advantage to the few over the many?
TTC >> (All): Any ethical concerns there?
McCutcheon >> (All): so if economic indicators were worse in the 80’s why is unemployment so bad now? A simple question but is some of it down to opportunism on the part of some employers? I have it on good faith that it is.
Fiona de Londras >> (All): Lads on the expenses….people do get them. All public servants required to travel for work can claim mileage etc… Difference is the rest of us vouch. Nothing wrong with genuine expenses (sorry…not a Q)
TTC >> (All): Faith? Shouldn’t policy be based on evidence, not faith, Dan?
David Higgins >> (All): You preference for Taoiseach: Enda Kenny or Eamonn Gilmore?
brian lucey >> (All): ah, third level….why no fees when the hunt report calls for them.
Cass Flower >> (All): In Greece cuts have been followed by higher unemployment – any reason to think that won’t happen here /
brian lucey >> (All): dont answer
brian lucey >> (All): !
TTC >> (All): Smart Economy document has been shown to be based on faulty analysis.
Declan >> (All): BTW In my q I didnt mean you as in you personally just a general is a person is appointed to the senate.
David Higgins >> (All): you’re a person too!!
Fiona de Londras >> (All): Brian seconded–why against fees? We’re crippled in 3rd level. Can’t run unis and build so-called knowledge economy if can’t run universities, stock libraries etc
karl deeter >> (All): @Fiona: be fair, there is a difference between travelling ‘for work’ and ‘to work’. It is the latter in which the issue lies
McCutcheon >> (All): b honest on the coices put forward Kenny re Gilmore if they were the only 2?
brian lucey >> (All): fees…..unis need them all agree. no evidence the abolition helped access….
Darragh >> (All): Has anything come from the Farmleigh charade held last year?
Darragh >> (All): anything concrete?
Ed >> (All): Brian cannot wait for you to run for office, we’ll all be saved overnight.
brian lucey >> (All): no uni in top 200 in france
ken Curtin >> (All): how many deputies do you believe the greens will have post next election ?
brian lucey >> (All): so some fees?
TTC >> (All): Debate on-going? As in eamon Ryan-style – ‘You debate, but I already decided’?
Declan >> (All): If people pay third level fees should they get a vote for the Senate? I dont have a vote because my degree came from the wrong campus
Fiona de Londras >> (All): No French unis in top 100!
brian lucey >> (All): so why no fees 1.3b to mc
McCutcheon >> (All): Yes, farnmleigh. David McWilliams said there was supposed to be 3 big business plans put forward after farmleigh. They never materialised.
Fiona de Londras >> (All): 2 Irish unis. Don’t we want to stay there? (TCD and UCD)
brian lucey >> (All): thes.not in Shanghai…
McCutcheon >> (All): Or at least we were never told they were put forward if indeed they were.
Darragh >> (All): Was Farmleigh just a show to make it appear the government were doing something?
brian lucey >> (All): spreads 322….
karl deeter >> (All): @brian lucey: for balance – is bund falling! y/n?
barra >> (All): will the free market combat gobal warming?
brian lucey >> (All): not as fast karl as we are rising…
Ronan >> (All): How many TDs do we actually need?? 100 perhaps
ken Curtin >> (All): depending on numbers do you feel you could go into coalition with a government that included SF ?
karl deeter >> (All): repeat of ronan’s Q: How many TD’s do we need? And how many Senators? If you had the control what would you set it at?
TTC >> (All): Yes, Dan, you have faith in hot air, like ‘Smat Economy’ documents, but not in markets…
brian lucey >> (All): epeat of ronan’s Q: How many TD’s do we need? And how many Senators? If you had the control what would you set it at?
Ray O Connor >> (All): Considering the information I supplied to you, do you have confidence in the CER regulating the market?
brian lucey >> (All): no, i know that…
brian lucey >> (All): its about total number in the oireachtas not green numbers.
brian lucey >> (All): eg 100 td argument
Ronan >> (All): Why are services so bad for people who worked with “self employed ” contracts?
brian lucey >> (All): thats not theq
Darragh >> (All): Do you think all teh Green Party members that have been appointed to Quango’s were justified?
brian lucey >> (All): no political appointees to quangos are warranted. fire them all ets have a cs appoint commiss type thig
karl deeter >> (All): enjoyed this, but gotta dash. bye
brian lucey >> (All): 1900 gp members get 1% of quangos? nice
David Higgins >> (All): 1% is a % too many!
Cass Flower >> (All): Bye Karl – good questions
brian lucey >> (All): back to bertie
Declan >> (All): Dan should all third level graduates be allowed to vote in Senate elections? Would it be better to have fewer Taoiseach nominees and scrap the concept of Senators from specific universities?
Cass Flower >> (All): Should people be appointed on merit or political affiliation?
McCutcheon >> (All): Yes, we need true analysis of unemployment numbers plus a proper skills audit of all on the live register/unemployed? That is the only constructive manner in which unemployment can be targeted effectively and constructively. What proposals do you have on that dan?
brian lucey >> (All): 12k pa for “travel” when he has a driver! helloo?
Ronan >> (All): 5% Green Tax levie on electricity bills during a recession. WHY?
Cass Flower >> (All): What is the Green Party view of people being De Energised ?
Declan >> (All): thanks 🙂
David Higgins >> (All): scrap motor tax and put it all on petrol?
Ray O Connor >> (All): The CER uses a cost recovery basis not a benchmark basis why?
Cass Flower >> (All): What is the Green Party view of people being De energised ??
Louise Hannon >> (All): What is the Green Party view on Transgender rights?
LorcanRK >> (All): renewables have a high cost base.. The policy seems to be to bring the electricity price up to meet the renewable cost base, Isn’t this putting the cart before the horse?
Cass Flower >> (All): De-energised = having their electricity cut off.
Eoin Donnelan >> (All): What about the de-energisation of people? is that an accepatble terminology?
ken Curtin >> (All): whats the latest update with the various planned incinerators around the country including here in cork
Declan >> (All): Is the metro good value these days when alternative public transport exists in Dublin?
barra >> (All): cycling infastucture progress ? Training in schools to increase cycling? Bike storage on public transport
Cass Flower >> (All): What does the Green Party think about people having their electricity cut off?
David Higgins >> (All): Make Irish optional at Leaving Cert?
David Higgins >> (All): for UCD it is!
brian lucey >> (All): back to nama. why was 30 nov 2009 set as the date for current market value , ie the price at which nama will pay, when that is clearly not the bottom ofthe market. This results in billions more taxpauers money being spent . why did the gp support that
Ciarn McKeon >> (All): Why is the Epa so slow cleaning up Kerdiffstown dump. Toothless?
brian lucey >> (All): not set up date
brian lucey >> (All): its the date for value.
brian lucey >> (All): differnet issue. 10% fall since then
brian lucey >> (All): billions spent.
brian lucey >> (All): billions not an issue?
brian lucey >> (All): sorry, deliverate overpayment NOT AN ISSUE?
LorcanRK >> (All): Is there a plan B for NAMA if the EU rejects the second tranche as proposed, or the bank restructuring plans?
brian lucey >> (All): so we can overpay for nama but not ps workers?
Ronan >> (All): People feel let down by the Greens in power and there is a lot of anger with people wishing the the party will be wiped out. Your feelings
brian lucey >> (All): there is no plan b….
Declan >> (All): The government is pushing ahead with the Metro yet alternative public transport exists. Why not divert the funds to other cities? Also why rip up large parts of St Stephens Green to build an interconnector train station, is it the best option?
brian lucey >> (All): its delay and pray.
brian lucey >> (All): plan b for anglo as Lorcan asked?
brian lucey >> (All): sorry plan b for nama
LorcanRK >> (All): If we paid min value for properties, couldn’t we afford lots of other economic bangs?
brian lucey >> (All): lorcans q
brian lucey >> (All): lorcan asked a q re EU and nama
Eoin Donnelan >> (All): that’s whistling in the dark, Dan!
brian lucey >> (All): which of the 100 things we could have bought for 25b would you buy?
brian lucey >> (All): yes
Eoin Donnelan >> (All): the 2nd tanche
brian lucey >> (All): namawinelake today….severe probs
brian lucey >> (All): of the 100 things?
brian lucey >> (All): which one?
Ronan >> (All): Why is white collar crime legeslation so weak?
brian lucey >> (All): if bernie madoff was irish hed be on the golf course today
LorcanRK >> (All): Compared to the US, we are abysmal
Cass Flower >> (All): Thanks very much to Joe for arranging this and to Dan for fielding the questions
online >> (All): thanks Cass
brian lucey >> (All): senator blagunpronouncablevich wouldnt happen here
Ciarn McKeon >> (All): Will stream be archived?
David Higgins >> (All): will Fine Gael wil 3 seats in Cork South Central or with Labour take 2? Will FF hold 2?
Cass Flower >> (All): Is there anything that would make you leave the Coalition?  Examples please ?
Ray O Connor >> (All): Why is Eamon Ryan satisfied when he knows the CER is telling lies?
brian lucey >> (All): thoughts on Kildare norht dan. 2ff 1 fg 1lab now. predict?
brian lucey >> (All): north…
brian lucey >> (All): 2ff
LorcanRK >> (All): You running Brian? 🙂
CathyK >> (All): Are you running in the next General Election ?
Eoin Donnelan >> (All): Bernie Madoff is beyond being shamed, he’s been jailed for 60something years … we don’t want them shamed, we want them made paying for what they did, Dan.
brian lucey >> (All): no!!!!!1
online >> (All): 5 minutes left
brian lucey >> (All): jayzus
brian lucey >> (All): id rather lick the stones
Cass Flower >> (All): Cass Flower >> (All): Is there anything that would make you leave the Coalition?  Examples please ?
CathyK >> (All): my question is to Dan – are you running in the next General Election?
Louise Hannon >> (All): What is your view on mortgage arrears, and dealing with the difficulties caused by the banks and not the people?
brian lucey >> (All): wouldnt matter if the senators all exploded. its the 6 in the lower house. and they will not leave until they are prised out.
David Higgins >> (All): Hitler was known to be trustworthy
brian lucey >> (All): politically would it not be more sense for the GP to have pulled earlier
LorcanRK >> (All): The no elections at the monent is not doing us much good..
brian lucey >> (All): spreads at 322
brian lucey >> (All): berties 12k pa teavel
Kevin >> (All): Thanks very much Dan
brian lucey >> (All): he has a car ffs
Ronan >> (All): I’m off thanks
Cass Flower >> (All): Spreads at 322 ?
LorcanRK >> (All): @Cass, price of utterly butterly in Kildare centra..
Eoin Donnelan >> (All): Thank you, Dan, for taking your time to answer our questions. Be good.
brian lucey >> (All): thanks dan.
Declan >> (All): Thanks Dan
LorcanRK >> (All): Thanks for your time Dan, see you at the electric picnic..
Cass Flower >> (All): I don’t think so….:(
yvonne >> (All): Thanks Dan, it was an intersting debate
ken Curtin >> (All): thanks Dan & organisers
David Higgins >> (All): Thanks Senator!
>> (All): This meeting is no longer being recorded.
Cass Flower >> (All): Thanks Joe and Irish Debate!
McCutcheon >> (All): Admiring yourself there David?
Cass Flower >> (All): That went well Joe!
David Higgins >> (All): haha I dunno, it just put me fullscreen
McCutcheon >> (All): he didn’t hear u
Cass Flower >> (All): Cheerio!

2 thoughts on “Senator Dan Boyle online

  1. Hi Dan,

    Fair play for putting up the questions that where asked, you did say that you would answer the ones that skipped you by.

    Still no answer to the question regarding confidence in the CER when you have been supplied with evidence to show that the CER is completely incompetent or absolutely corrupt, in that they think it’s reasonable for Energy companies to break the law.

    Also no answer as to why Minister Ryan is satisfied with the performance of the CER and Bord Gais, after his exhaustive investigation into the illegal activities of BG, which the CER found to be policy and resonable.

    While you’re at it can you please explain the hypocracy of the Greens in relation to the current car tax joke, forcing people to sign declarations that they will not use their commercial vehicles for buying a loaf of bread on the way home, when the Greens are very happy to allow the CER to continue break the law in regard to consumer protection?

  2. hi Dan ,your putting allot of pressure on families with this CRV tax ,who have two parents working to make a living.Its hard enough to live without this added pressure ,so the green party is telling me my husband can’t collect his kids after work,so i can go to work.

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