Entrepreneurship in Ireland

Are the Irish real entrepreneurs? Frank Hannigan will argue that they are, Yanky Fachler will argue that it is a myth and Ron Immink is somewhere in between.
Thanks to all that contributed.

There is no political agenda or affiliation to any political party.

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online >> (All): we just opened Aodan thanks for joining
clearpreso >> (All): Hahahhaha – going to be a good debate so!
Denis Carre >> (All): ok
Denis Carre >> (All): am I the only one not being able to hear Ron?
online >> (All): yes
clearpreso >> (All): I hear him fine…
Denis Carre >> (All): bogger…
online >> (All): come in again denis
Frank Hannigan >> (All): yanky speak up or we will mock you
online >> (All): yanky’s handset isn’t working
Michael Kiely >> (All): Just listening in…
clearpreso >> (All): Ken Robinson?
ron immink >> (All): ken robinson
Denis Carre >> (All): lost the sound again… still the only one?
online >> (All): yes
Michael Kiely >> (All): Sound is fine for me.
yanky >> (All): I can hear and seee you
Denis Carre >> (All): can someone send me a copy of the recording afterward?
yanky >> (All): Frank is right . Its about mindset.
Fionn Murtagh >> (All): Fionn: All good with reception – I don’t know why my image is not showing (I have iPhoto on and camera working).  I’ll type in some comments in a few mins.
online >> (All): if you are on a mac right click on your “no image available” go to settings and select webcam icon the select from dropdown the camera.. make sure no app is using the webcam
Michael Kiely >> (All): Irish mindset hasn’t changed – in ‘Celtic Tiger’ years it was ride this wave until it crashes…
Anton Mannering >> (All): Expecting government to solve innovation /entrepreneurship problems is frankly insane
Michael Kiely >> (All): Now it’s ‘we’re riding a wave of debt, until we hit the wall’
Michael Kiely >> (All): Agreed Anton, but they can create environment and conditions for entrepreneurs.
yanky >> (All): Govt should step aside and allow entrepreneurs to run with it. We need a collective Ireland Inc mindset
Anton Mannering >> (All): I don’t agree beyond tax regimeAnton Mannering >> (All): I disagree about Ireland Inc mentality
Anton Mannering >> (All): NOn heqd phones
Anton Mannering >> (All): ONe sec
clearpreso >> (All): Government controls education system – education system CAN help create an entrepreneurial mindset (but doesn’t)
Fionn Murtagh >> (All): Hi, I’m with SFI (as you probably know).   A lot is going right with the Irish system – but not everything of course.  Ron’s comment about IPR – giving away vs expoiting – old debate.  But what I think is nice it the great diversity esp. of IP in ICT.   We have to exploit that.
yanky >> (All): We need to sweep away the old anti-business attitudes in education (schools, 3rd level, govt)
clearpreso >> (All): Agree w/ Yanky
Fionn Murtagh >> (All): Entreprepeurs – a lot I agree with.  But also important apart from what Govt does is trust – hence community and networks are v. importan.  Also team that pursues business objectivies.  So trust/group and team.
Michael Kiely >> (All): Good point Anton – grants can produce dependent system, like the Arts Council experiences.
Fionn Murtagh >> (All): It’s a debate between give IP away vs keep it and exploit it.  Both important but probably in very diff. areas.
yanky >> (All): Ron is right. There is amazing stuff going on in university research – but they don’t have a clue about commercialisation.Fionn Murtagh >> (All): Some areas thrive on ‘cluster patents’ – e.g. telecoms.   Greentech might be individual – better exploited individually.  Maybe!
yanky >> (All): Irish govt might not be the answer, but unless and until we change the biz mindset in schools, we won’t change the situation.
Aodan Enright >> (All): How would we change the approach in schools Yanky? What would be a good first step?
clearpreso >> (All): Teaching that entrepreneurship is an option! I was in BComm in UCD and it was not really promoted as a realistic option
clearpreso >> (All): not in the menu for post college options
Fionn Murtagh >> (All): Re univesrsities etc. – business and anything else is a team effort.  Needed are (all of) sales, finance, ideas, –  trust, markets, sklls of various types.
ron immink >> (All): Fionn, do you think entrepreneurs “trust” government agencies
Michael Kiely >> (All): Have successful Irish entrepreneurs been surveyed/consulted as to what supports they felt they would require? Are the likes of Chris Horn listened to?
Fionn Murtagh >> (All): Here’s a diff. issue!  Scaling – starting a business is one thing – scaling is different.  Sofware in general in European doesn’t scale.  Also when one things of MNCs in Ireland one things of FDI.  A pity, I think!
Fionn Murtagh >> (All): Ron – I think an entrepreneur must do his/her job and should trust Govt, markets, colleagues etc. to some extent and within limits.   (Does that address your question?!)
online >> (All): brilliant
yanky >> (All): Frank asks what can we do. CHANGE THE MINDSET. Get kids to want to start their own businesses, at a personal and national level.
Fionn Murtagh >> (All): Sorry – I can’t be heard?
ron immink >> (All): no
online >> (All): yes
Michael Kiely >> (All): Fionn, you need to turn your speakers down
Edfk >> (All): hahahah
Michael Kiely >> (All): sssh
online >> (All): go ahead fionn
Kevin >> (All): I can hear Fionn perfectlyonline >> (All): yes
online >> (All): fionn we can hear
Anton Mannering >> (All): Can hear fionn fine but I don’t think he has headphones
Michael Kiely >> (All): Fionn, turn speakers down to minimum
yanky >> (All): Yanky can hear you
online >> (All): go ahead
Michael Kiely >> (All): should be better
Frank Hannigan >> (All): fionn
ron immink >> (All): that is unfair!
Frank Hannigan >> (All): network building
Anton Mannering >> (All): I’d agree with that
Frank Hannigan >> (All): build a balanced team to run the company
Frank Hannigan >> (All): IP is chaotic but that can be used constructively
Frank Hannigan >> (All): ICT totally chaotic as a sector – everything is up for grabs
Frank Hannigan >> (All): scaling – Ireland and EU have a big problem of that
Anton Mannering >> (All): Surely that’s a prolem of market fragmentation
Frank Hannigan >> (All): just typing what fionn is saying
Anton Mannering >> (All): And one to be solved by the entrepreneurs
Anton Mannering >> (All): I’d agree with that
online >> (All): turn off mic fionn
Fionn Murtagh >> (All): Thanks, all!  Sorry for the messiness at my end.
Anton Mannering >> (All): Fionn mic still on

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