Tom Murphy discusses Ireland and what makes us unique

You can find more information on today’s debate and discussion here

Many thanks to @markcahill and @ina of for providing Tom with bandwidth from their offices in Galway. Many thanks to all that attended.

Some of the chat recorded:

Tom Murphy >> (All): Do we have the links up John?
John Breslin >> (All): DV / IIDC / USB
John Breslin >> (All): is what I see
John Breslin >> (All): There we go
DavidCochrane >> (All): Howdy folks, just a gawker here, David Cochrane from – this laptop’s camera has never worked, but probably better, my outdoor face hasn’t been put on yet.
Gabriela Avram >> (All): hi David
John Breslin >> (All): Links are up Tom
John Breslin >> (All):
John Breslin >> (All): Yay!
John Breslin >> (All): Earbuds
frankhannigan >> (All): here
frankhannigan >> (All): I will keep you up with the score 2. 0 to South Africa
Gabriela Avram >> (All): maybe I should connect through cable
Gabriela Avram >> (All): yep
John Breslin >> (All): PIIGS countries reference
Michael Kiely >> (All): Thanks John
DavidCochrane >> (All): They don’t have the intellectual density? there seems to be a divide between intellectuals and people we elect, and those who make policy
DavidCochrane >> (All): Osbourne in his emergency budget today said the UK’s deficit was worst with the exception of Ireland
DavidCochrane >> (All): the PIGS argument is just a eurozone acronym, we need to stop fixtating on buzzwords and letters and move on
Michael Kiely >> (All): “Galway new San Fran” – Specifically how, Tom?
John Breslin >> (All): David: Is the UK vs. Ireland deficit quote true? I don’t have figures
Michael Kiely >> (All): It may be just advertisers trying what has always worked, without thinking about how social media is used..
DavidCochrane >> (All): John: I’m not sure, he mentioned it within 20 seconds of his speech, one assume he could be right depending on how he’s measuring it. That said, the cutbacks here as % of current expenditure has been much much greater than Spain or UK
DavidCochrane >> (All): “social media internet knowledge workers” what does that mean Tom?
online >> (All): ok Gabriela
Michael Kiely >> (All):’s not how teachers a taught to teach, though..
Michael Kiely >> (All): ..even today..
Gabriela Avram 2 >> (All): and btw , Tom looks brilliant – he seemed to have taken all the sun in the Galway Bay 😉

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