Ciaran Cuffe discusses proper planning

Part 1.

Part 2.

Some of the chat:

Ciaran Casey >> (All): Hi Minister, What has been done to move Ireland on from the damning EEA 2006 report, listing Ireland as a worst case scenario of unregulated planning & urban sprawl. Can we ever escape this unhappy legacy?
Ciaran Casey >> (All): What can be done to persuade our municipal bodies to allocate more public space for market purposes?
Ciaran Casey >> (All): Part of the 2006 criticism focussed on the fact that our national building inspectorate was effectively dismantled by developers. What’s the situation here?
Tom Raftery >> (All): Like they did with the Cork County Council building
Steve >> (All): Whats the current situation with the metro north?
Ciaran Casey >> (All): Which countries do admire most when it comes to planning philosophy & regulations?
VeryVert >> (All): For info: we exceeded 15% of electricity from wind energy ths year –
Tom Raftery >> (All): VeryVert – That 14.5% is for total renewables, not just wind
VeryVert >> (All): Oops. Right you are. Bulk of that will be wind, right?
Tom Raftery >> (All): Yup – majority would be wind – hydro makes up a good bit too
James Gallagher >> (All): While we’re talking about buildings and private developers, how about Local Authorities and their adherence to planning rules and best practices?
Tom Raftery >> (All): There is a really good bike rental scheme here in Seville. Fantastic joined-up thinking. around 3,000 bikes in 300 stations around the city. No new bike station is opened until bike lanes are created for it. How does Dublin one compare?
Ray OConnor >> (All): The Inside track exists in the energy regulators yet nothing is done
James Gallagher >> (All): Unfortunately we’re not seeing the contract between community and Local Authorities being substantively enforced. There is no recourse for the community when officials ignore issues. That’s a prevalent issue and one which fundamentally undermines local democracy
Ray OConnor >> (All): Same thing with the CER
James Gallagher >> (All): I’d imagine we’ll be discussing that if you do come to Galway 🙂
Ray OConnor >> (All): You did when you were vice chair of the regulatory committee
Ray OConnor >> (All): Does the CER have your support?
Conn >> (All): Thanks for taking part in this Minister.  It’s a great idea
Ciaran Egan >> (All): What are you doin in Heritage ARENA?
online >> (All): Thanks for taking part in this Minister.  It’s a great idea
Oisin O Nidh >> (All): Thanks Minister for hosting this Online meeting
Tom Raftery >> (All): Good job Minister
Ciaran Casey >> (All): Many Thanks
Steve >> (All): Thanks very much Minister.
James Gallagher >> (All): Thanks for coming on
Ciaran Egan >> (All): Thanks Minister – I look fwd to no more overlong alarms, great idea>>
online >> (All): thanks to everyone

4 thoughts on “Ciaran Cuffe discusses proper planning

  1. Re Dublin Bus on timetabling improvements, I find it difficult to believe that it will happen. I live adjacent to the 46A, granted this is a luxury line but too often no bus arrives for 15 minutes and then three come together. They seem to find it impossible to prevent clustering even when the bus stop is only ten minutes from Dun Laoire.

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