Proper Planning

This Friday 28th of May at 1pm for 30 minutes Ciaran Cuffe TD & Minister will hold a video conference on ‘proper planning‘ as the theme.

You will be able to login using the URL address below from 12.55

This conference will be recorded. If you have a headset with Microphone you can ask questions. If you have a webcam you can be seen. If you do not have a webcam or headset you can still type into the chat function to ask questions. Spaces are limited – first come first in.

If you have questions for Minister Cuffe please post them here in the comments section.

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2 thoughts on “Proper Planning

  1. How can we have proper planning with the Greens in power, when Minister Ryan, and Minister Cuffe as vice chair the Dail Committee on regulatory affairs refuse to address the blatant lies and mis information coming from the likes of the CER.
    Before we plan we must have the facts, but when regulators tell lies and are allowed to tell lies by our politicians we will never have the facts and all planning is therefore futile.
    The removal of political protection for political appointees is a prerequist for planning a fair and just society, no more politicans looking after their friends who in turn look after theirs.

    Will the Minister answer the question, Does the CER have the support of the Green Parliamentary party?

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