Irish Debate

This website is currently being developed to help provide a debating platform for those of us in Ireland that would like to help our country improve in the many way’s that it can. Debate on any subject of concern to the Irish public will be considered and scheduled the only difference being that we intend to do it all online. We intend gathering people with an interest in current affairs, experts in their field and anyone with a decent broadband connect.

Debates will be by way of video conferencing, they will be recorded and uploaded to youtube. If you are interested in participating or holding your own debate we would be delighted to hear from you. You can connect with us through twitter on or contact us here on our website.

One thought on “Irish Debate

  1. A new wave is about to take the political arena away from what is perceived to be an inept and inapt group of old-boys-family-ties feather-me-nest and sod-the-rest nepotistic-clique responsible for the demise of the livelihood of thousands of Irish Citizens, the departure of our talented and skilled entrepreneurs to foreign shores, and the collapse of Irish economy in full! An DáilÉireNua an academic and learned professionally oriented gathering has launched is campaign aimed at young educated professionals to stand together to utterly change the face of politics and bring ethics and transparency and accountability, to how the country will be governed and to restore the respect in government to a level not seen since the States inception.

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